Hi, My name is Rebekah. Northwest Arkansas is where my amazing son, Mom and I call home.  We live on a farm along the Kings River, with our pups ( Bullet, Annie, and Blue},  “Alexander” the Guinea Pig and lots of cows.  We think it is heaven.

We are originally from Texas, where our family has a long history of cattle ranching.  Every Summer my brothers, sister and I would come to Northwest Arkansas with my Mother for Summer vacation.  My Grandfather was from a small town here in Northwest Arkansas, so we had family to visit.  We spent the Summers hiking, swimming and fishing.  In the mid 90’s my parents sold our cattle ranch in Texas and relocated to Northwest Arkansas.  I loved it so much I followed them.

My father and I raised registered Angus Cattle and worked the ranch.  He became ill with Alzheimer’s and eventually passed away.  I loved the cattle business and continued in his footsteps, until a very special little man came into my life.  He was a blessing from God.  A Blessing,  I never thought I would have.  My life has never been the same since the first time I laid eyes on him.  I discovered pretty quickly that managing the cattle ranch and raising breeding bulls, was not very easy when you are Mommy too.  I just could not do it any more.  That is when I decided to make some changes.

In 2013 I decided  to open The Marble Gypsy here in our little town of Marble, Arkansas.  The Marble Gypsy has turned into so much more than I had imagined when it began.  Thanks to all the amazing customers we now have, both locally, across the country, and internationally.  We love our customers, and Your business is greatly appreciated.

My life has always been inspired by the women of rural America, they are family, friends, mentors, mothers, grandmothers, sisters and my life.  The Marble Gypsy has become my way of expressing this inspiration.   We have a deep appreciation for all things unique and one of a kind, specializing in pottery, clothing, boots, jewelry and anything with a little western flair. We have put together a collection you will find nowhere else in the world.   Our collection is expanding all the time and the brands we choose are great consistent quality, original, and amazingly stylish.


I have always believed in hard work and know how hard we all struggle to make it.   I do my best to select items that won’t break the bank.  Sure we have some items that are specialty items, but I try to make sure I carry items that will work for almost any budget.  We also have great sales on a regular basis and customer appreciation giveaways.  I pride myself on taking care of my customers.   Hopefully you will find something that makes your soul happy and keep coming back for new treasures.


Stop by and see us if you’re in the Ozark Mountains, but if not we will try to bring you every treasure we can through our online shop.  We are opening a new store May 1st 2018 on The Branson Landing in Branson Missouri, so stop in and get yourself an outfit for the shows.


We are dedicated to helping women express their own personal style, find strength in themselves daily, and create what makes their souls happy.

Be the best version of you!

God bless you and your family.

Enjoy our website and y’all make sure you come back soon.

Rebekah Simonton

Owner of The Marble Gypsy