You are unique, a one of a kind!!    Be proud of who you are and live your life the way you want.

In this world we are subject to so many unrealistic expectations, of who we should be.  Life is hard enough on a day to day basis, why let the world define you.  Here at The Marble Gypsy, I have always promoted women helping women, building each other up, helping others succeed, and trying to inspire others.  I want you all to consider a few things about yourself and quit being so hard on yourselves.

What have you been through in your life?  We all have obstacles, but yet you have overcome.  You grew as an individual and became stronger.  Be proud and quit downing yourself.  Start looking on the bright side and focusing on the things that make you unique and different.  Your story is what makes you a one of a kind, quit focusing on the negative and become the strong vibrant person God wants you to be.

You grew, you overcame.  Now, stand on your own two feet and be proud.

Be honest with yourself everyday, are you doing everything you can to get where you want to be and make today better than yesterday.  Look yourself in the mirror everyday, and be honest!!  Have you set goals? Are you working towards them? Did you do your best yesterday?  How are you going to be better today?  Where do you want to be next week, next month, next year?  What are you working towards and why?  Remind yourself of these things daily.  Know who you are and where you are going.

Learn to laugh at yourself.  Get out of your comfort zone and do something that scares you.  Once you do it, you will look back and laugh at yourself for being so scared.  Overcome your fears and be the person you know you can be in your heart.  God didn’t put those dreams in your heart so you would be disappointed.  He put them there so you could reach them and be proud of who you are.

You are strong and beautiful because of who you are and what makes you different.  Flaunt it girl, be unique, be bold, show your style.  BE STRONG – LOOK WHAT YOU HAVE ALREADY DONE.  BE PROUD!!!

Most importantly look to the future and become what you want.  You have the strength, the desire, and ability to reach all your dreams.  YOU AREN’T DONE YET!!!

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