Ok, I have just had enough.  I am all about everyone speaking their mind and having an opinion, but let’s do it with a little class.  You will be heard when your message is delivered with a little grace and thought, rather than negativity and profanity.  People seem to have no manners any more, I believe it is due to the fact this is the internet and not face to face.  They seem to be a little more bold.  What I have to say about that is, it is cowardly and still rude.  There are still people on the other end and you would not speak to them that way face to face.

Here at The Marble Gypsy, I do my very best to make my customers happy.  I will go the extra mile for you, always.  This is simply a warning to the individuals who choose to post on my Facebook Page or website crude and vulgar comments.  Comments that exhibit rude behavior will be deleted.  Comments that contain profanity will be deleted and the user will be blocked.  This is my new store policy.  No one wants to hear it or see it.  This is not the place.

To all my customers who are wonderful,  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!  Let me know if there is anything I can do for you.


Rebekah Simonton

Owner of The Marble Gypsy

Thanks for shopping!

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