Keep It Gypsy Bags are made when you order, please expect 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Small, zippered wristlet with fringe

  • Small tail included.
  • 4 inches by 9 inches
  • 15 inch fringe

Keep it Gypsy handbags are a crazy concoction of leathers,  fringe, foxtails, and a whole lot of this and that. They are a mix of old with new, classy with trashy, the plain, the simple, and the outright obnoxiously rowdy.

Scroll down to read a little more about the Marble Gypsy. 

When you purchase from Marble Gypsy you not only support our small business but the small businesses of our hand-picked makers.  The special designs and products offered are our way of supporting the women and families of rural America.   We offer products designed and produced by small companies throughout rural America and more specifically, female-owned companies.  These products can not be found at department or chain stores. Our products are special, and the people who produce them are exceptional. If you visit our storefront, you will not find every single product we offer online in our store, but we do have a great selection of our vendors and makers, and we are always changing our inventory.  We partner with our makers, all of which are offered on our website, in order to bring you a better selection.  When you order,  our makers go to work immediately to produce the special product you have ordered and get it delivered to you as quickly as possible.  Some products take longer than others, so always check the delivery time before ordering. 


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